…the family comes to ever-chattering life onstage with profound authenticity—thanks in large part to an undercurrent of gallows humor.– The New Yorker

And Jenny Beth Snyder’s caustically funny A Man of My Word managed to say more about life and art in 20 minutes than plays twice its length. -The Telegraph, Tom Wicker

Under the direction of Jenny Beth Snyder, Night of the Living successfully inspires terror without a single zombie actually appearing onstage. -Charged.FM, Natalie Sacks

Jenny Beth Snyder has directed in a vigorous, animated manner and her staging in the small space at 59E59 Theaters’ black box Theater C (with the audience sitting on two sides of the playing area) is remarkably fluid.  – Theaterscene.net, Victor Gluck

Director Jenny Beth Snyder has pulled off a coup and should be praised infinitely, in all moments as they coexist simultaneously.   -Stagebuddy.com, Doran Saul

The play is cleverly staged and decently acted, with most of the novel’s significant characters represented if not fully realized. -NY Times, Neil Genzingler 

Writer Daria Tavana and Director Jenny Beth Snyder do a very effective job of transitioning this complex and sometimes troubling story to an equally impressive stage presentation without losing the heart and soul of the original. No easy feat and a commendable one at that.  – Pizazztheater.com, JK Clarke


Fresh Ground Pepper is a monthly event series for the development of emerging art. A younger, sexier and broke-r BAC, this Brooklyn-based forum offers artists of every medium three things: a guideline, a deadline, and a space. The community grows by default out of that structure, and the group’s events are usually packed. Past happenings have included “Screenic Scramble” (video art + installation art = fun), and a collaboratively staged remix of Guys and Dolls where drag queens gave a whole new meaning to the song, “Bushel and a Peck.” FGP also has actual year-long development programs, and accept submissions year-round regardless of what they’ve got going on. Last but not least, cheap beer: Sixpoint sponsors all of their events.  – Brokelyn, Sam Corbin