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I’m directing another play with TrueFalse Theater called BEDSPREAD and it opens next week as part of the Venus Theater Festival. It’s up in Washington Heights, so take the day, see the cloisters and then come support some theater :0) Also, heads up, this play is not for the feint of heart and there are some graphic images.
Here’s the info:
Summary:  Ruby stops relying on marriage for satisfaction and finds short-term comfort between the neighbor’s sheets. When her tense husband and twisted cousin take arms against fate, new lines are drawn and old bridges are burned as Ruby struggles to survive a living nightmare. Can she escape the clutches of her lovers without losing her grip on reality?
Performances are: 

Monday, March 10 at 8:45pm
Friday, March 14 at 7pm
Sunday, March 16 at 2pm 

Location: Cabrini Repertory Theatre in Washington Heights. The address is:  
Tickets can be reserved by emailing
Hope to see you there!


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